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Company:[MDN Edify education ]

July - 13 - 2016

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Hi Friends, recent times i have attended an interview in MDN Edify education my interview started at around 10 am and went on for 30 minutes.

I was the last one to attend the interview for the mentioned position for each batch 20 candidates were there( morning n afternoon). There were 4 members; 3 males and 1 Female(strict), the panel was good as they laughed in some of my answers in between.. M2- Tell me about yourself.  I'm A( my name). I belong to Hyderabad. I have completed my btech in electronics and Instrumentation engg from (clg name) in 2011. My strengths are regularity , sincerity, punctuality and truthfulness. I never let my work pending and try to finish today€™s task today itself. …So they all smiled and immediately asked me whether we asked u that u finish ur work or not!! M2 – where do you finish work? Me- sir for example in daily life and in college while doing assignments. He nodded. Why do u think women should work and why do u want to work? Me I want to engage myself and be self dependent. F – Where you will go, because we have very very less vacancies (means no vacancies) in your state region. But Ur husband will want u to get stay here. . Me –i would be taking my husband opinion for my work status. listening to the answer given by me she was impressed F – How u will manage your family life..it is also important.? Me – If I can balance both my personal and professional life, It will be fine. M3- Do u have any brothers or sisters? Me- Yes sir, i have one elder sister. M2- how can you judge your self that u are apt for this job Me- the confidence on me to learn things quick and apply my knowledge where ever necessary. M1 what is your strength? Me- my husband is my strength M2 whom do you like more in your family Me; My son they asked how fast can u join my answer was as soon as i receive my offer letter they said thank u, u r selected for the post I said thank you and left for the day.

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Mahesh  said.. [November - 6 - 2017]

Nice to see your experience. Very helpful!

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