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December - 27 - 2016

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Study is a need and passion for many people.  But things are very different when people want to sit and study with determination.  It needs a lot of concentration and consistency to reach your goals on your study tasks.

But it is not hard to sustain your study goals, all it needs is little bit of plan and follow-up with your to-do list.  Follow these amazing tips for your breakless study.

Create a plan:

Firstly you must create a plan to study, do not put all the works on the same day.  Go slow and try to cover all the topics of the day.  But keep on checking your list of the day.  Your plan should be directly proportionla to your time.  Suppose if you have to prepare for any test which will be conducted in a week  then your plan should cover the 7 days of time.  Another important thing to be followed while creating the plan is, share all the topics to be covered in 7 days and the most easiest thing should be start in the beginning.  Increase you hardest topics to read day by day.

Create To-Do List:

Another way to make your works easy is to keep a track of list to complete for the day.  So that it will decrease the burden to finish the excess work on that day.

Start from the small

Amazing tips for your study and improve your memory

When you observe birds when building nest, they cannot build it in just one day.  They spend like months and some times years to build it in beautiful and convinient way.  When we are doing some work, we all wish to complete the work in perfectful way.  Other wise it is always gives dissatisfaction and cannot move forward.  So always start from small, when you have to complete the big goal in reading.  Let it be a big text book or a big topic to cover.  So start from small and see the magic of comleting your big missions.



Do let us know more tips from you in the comment section.


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Mahesh  said.. [June - 5 - 2017]

very useful stuff

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